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Queen's Blade: Tales of Heroes. Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Hearts Ablaze
Deep within the throne room inside castle of Gainos. Daleld's, Nyx's and Claudette's battle against the demon Marmouth was broadcasting around the world and the ruler of the continent was watching the battle intensely. The ruler was a woman who looked like an twelve year old.
It was Aldra, ruler over the continent. As she was watching the battle unfold she couldn't let her eyes of Daleld, who was fighting the demon with all he had.
Aldra:"Heh. He might prove useful to me."
Meanwhile back in Vance's castle courtyard. The battle against the monstrous Marmouth continues.
Daleld:"He's huge and I mean real huge!"
Claudette:"If we don't take him out then he will hurt innocent civilians!"
Nyx:"Can we even defeat him?"
Daleld:"It's not can we defeat him. It's we must defeat him!"
Claudette:"You are right, Lightheart."
Daleld:"Not on my watch!"
Daleld rushed at Marmouth with his greatsword in hand and attacked its left l
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Queen's Blade: Tales of Heroes. Chapter 5
Chapter 5. Clash of Swords
Outside of the gate of Vance's castle comes Risty and a tied up Leina walking towards the gate.
Guard:"Lady Leina has returned. Open the gates."
Risty:"Well Leina, home sweet home and some reward for me."
Leina:"(Daleld, Nyx.)"
Risty:"Hmm, someone is walking towards us. Isn't that Claudette, the Thunder General!"
Leina:"Big sister!"
Meanwhile in the deep lair of evil.
Marmouth:"Damn it damn it damn it damn it! Another plan down the drain."
Grace:"Looks like you failed to kill Daleld yet again, Marmouth."
Marmouth:"Not in the mood right now, vampire. If I don't show results now then I will be sent back to the dark realms."
Grace:"Maybe you should take a break and let me get a shot at him?"
Marmouth:"Don't even think about it. I'm the one who is going to bring him down and I take down his female companion in the progress."
Grace:"You mean the one with long brown hair. If I remember right, her name was Nyx!"
Marmouth:"Who cares what her name is. She have sided w
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Queen's Blade: Tales of Heroes. Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The bandit's plan
Daleld, Nyx and their new friend and companion Leina, journey together unknowingly that someone follows them. It was Risty,the Bandit of the Wilderness as she call herself.
Risty:"How should I approach this? A frontal attack is out of the question. Not only am I outnumbered three to one, but fighting that knight head on is suicide. I have to split them up somehow and make sure that Vance girl is alone but how?"
Risty kept pondering in what her plan should be. Meanwhile, Daleld and his female companions traveled along the way to the next town. Leina was hugging Daleld's right arm while Nyx was glaring angrily at Leina.
Nyx:"(You are to close to him, Leina.)"
Leina:"So Daleld, when will we start training?"
Daleld:"We could begin after we hit town. Then we can start on your training."
Meanwhile as they travels the road with Risty following behind, at the the villains lair.
Marmouth was reporting his actions to his comrades.
Vorduk:"So, you fail
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Queen's Blade: Tales of Heroes. Chapter 3 :iconlightknightz:Lightknightz 2 0
Queen's Blade: Tales of Heroes, chapter 2
Chapter 2: The flames that purges evil
Back at the town where our heroes left, Claudette Vance: The Thundercloud General, entered the town to take out the beast that terrorized it.
Claudette:"I received an message that a beast was wrecking havoc in this town, where is it?"
The mayor walked to Claudette to report the incident.
Mayor:"The beast is dead, it was slain by a man in a black armor."
Claudette:"Then where is this man then?"
Mayor:"He have already left the town, I have currently no idea where he is now."
Claudette:"I see, that is a shame, well at least the beast was taken down without any heavy casualties, still I wonder why the beast came to this town unnoticed, something is amiss."
Mayor:"Ah, I remember just now that a young woman who was working in the tavern bar followed him, I believe her name is Nyx."
Claudette:"Nyx!!? Where have I heard that name before?"
Meanwhile in the forests of Vance's county travels Daleld and Nyx.
Nyx:"You still have no destination in mind."
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Queen's Blade: Tales of Heroes. Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The sword that cleaves evil
Our story starts in a small town in Vance county where we find Nyx,
working as a waitress in a tavern to get some travel money.
Nyx tries her best in serving the customers but sometimes trips and spills beer on the floor.
Owner:"Hey, what are you doing newbie, stop fooling around and serve the customers or I will cut your pay."
Nyx:"I'm sorry I work harder so please don't cut my pay."
At a table in the corner of the tavern bar sits Three hoodlums who have been taking a liking to Nyx and are about to make their move tonight.
Meanwhile a stranger clad in a black cloak enters the same tavern Nyx works at, the merry atmosphere plummeted down as the stranger walked to the front desk.
Owner:"W-welcome, would you like a room and perhaps some food."
The stranger said nothing and only nodded once while paying the owner for the room and food and then took a seat at an vacant table.
Nyx took food and drink to the stranger's table.
Nyx:"Here is the food you o
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Champions chapter 10
Champions chapter 10
Clash of titans
Now with Diane added to the team, Peter became a little worried about Diane's safety, since it's kind of dangerous to fight evil villains and organizations. But Diane is kind of stubborn, especially when it is about Peter. However, they Peter manage to stop more crimes thanks to Diane's and Jonas help. For example, they manage to stop a prison break out, rescued people who was stuck in a burning building, saved mutated scientists, captured wanted criminals and helped a couple who was stuck between a gang war to be reunited. Then the very next day.
Peter's mom: Peter honey, wake up, it's breakfast.
Peter: ............ *Rises*, *yawn*.
Peter's mom: You finally awake, you sleepyhead, anyway eat some breakfast and then prepare yourself for school Peter.
Peter: Yeah mom.
Then after Peter have eaten breakfast and prepared for school.
Peter: I've be going now.
Peter's mom: See you later, Peter.
Peter went to school and just outside was Diane and June waiti
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Champions chapter 9
Champions chapter 9
Light, camera and Foxbat
Location: Southwest desert, Irritated goldmine.
Cyber Titan is fighting a monstrous being named Leech, who used to be controlled by Talisman (read chapter 4), but after her defeat, he regained control over himself and was raising an army of mutants. And the only one who is standing in his way is Cyber Titan and he is pumped up for action. Leech used his claws against Cyber Titan but he dodged the attack. Cyber Titan on the other hand used his energy sword and hurt Leech with it. Leech tried to absorb his life energy, Cyber Titan used energy shield to block his attack and countered with a chest-beam. Leech was defeated. Cyber Titan did his good deed for today and headed home. At home was Diane waiting, angry at Peter.
Diane: Peter, you are late, very late. We were suppose to go on a movie, remember?
Peter: Was that today, I didn't know.
Diane: It's because I decided just today, and what is going on with Jonas?
Peter: Jonas has become an elect
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Champions chapter 8
The beetle comes thundering in
Much things have happen lately, like Peter finding the power armor, he saves the city from alien bugs, stopped a bunched of crooks and met a rich girl who is a pyrokinesis, (who happens to live in a mansion next door). Peter received an e-mail that they found out that VIPER is up to something in Canada and they want Cyber Titan's help to find out what it is and stop it. Peter hurried outside and started to morph.
Peter: Champion, on route.
Peter morph was completed and he turned into Cyber Titan as usual. And flew to Canada. When he arrived at Force station he was surprised, Jonas was there too.
Cyber Titan: Jonas, what are you doing here?
Jonas: I want to see you in action so I tagged along.
Cyber Titan: I don't think that is such a good thing. It can be dangerous.
Jonas: Don't worry, I have experience.
Cyber Titan: Yeah, gaming experience that is.
Jonas: What? It's the same thing.
Cyber Titan: No, it's not.
Jonas: Yes, it is.
Cyber Titan: No,
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Champions chapter 7
Champions chapter 7
The burning kiss
The trio went home to Peter after school, to find out what was going on. When they came to Peter's house, they rang on the door bell. Peter's mom opened the door.
Peter's mom: My, hello there, June, Jonas and, who might this be?
Amy: Amy Rivera, I'm in the same class with Peter.
Peter's mom: So you are Peter's friend. Do you look after Peter?
June: Yes, miss Cyberton. Can we meet him?
Peter's mom: Why sure, come right in, Peter is in Diane's room.
June: So, it's true that Diane lives with you now.
Peter's mom: Why yes of course, I think they look like a nice couple, don't you think?
June become a little frustrated.
June: A nice couple, why that's the stupid thing I ever heard. They don't suit each other. I mean, shouldn't she choose some pretty boy from a rich family instead of Peter.
Jonas: Yeah, what does she see in him?
Amy: I think that Peter is a very nice person. He was the first friend i got since I moved into Milliennium City. And I like him
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Champions chapter 6
Chapter 6: The hero and the princess
The beautiful girl appears to be a new transfer student in our class. She had long red hair and wore our school's uniform.
Diane: My name is Diane Briswatchi. Please to meet you all.
Unlike Amy, she didn't seems so shy at all.
Teacher: Now where shall we put you?
Diane walked towards Peter and looked straight into his eyes.
Diane: (You are mine from now on).
Peter became surprised over what she said and then she went to Jonas bench.
Diane: You are sitting on my seat.
Jonas: No I don't, this is my seat.
Diane: Not anymore, so get lost.
Jonas: Make me.
Diane suddenly seemed like she was on fire and glared at Jonas. Jonas became frightened and moved away.
Jonas: Okay, you can have the seat, just don't do anything to me, okay.
June became quite mad at Diane.
June: You can't take someone else seat just like that.
Diane: In my family, we take what we want, even if we have to use force.
Teacher: Alright, let's get this class started before someon
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Champions chapter 5
Chapter 5 The Brain Trust
The very next day was nothing special. Just the same school routine as yesterday. However it seems that Amy has become friends with Peter and his friends and they have lunch together. When school was over they decided to go and have some fun shopping and playing games in the video arcade or maybe go to Kountry Komics the comic store. But then suddendly, Peter's Crime computer started to ring. Justiciar need Cyber Titan's help pronto.
Peter: Something came up. You have to go without me. Catch ya later.
Amy: Did something serious happen?
June: Don't worry about him. He may not look like it but he is quite reliable.
Jonas: She's right you know.
Amy: If you say so.
Peter hided in a phone and took out his Cyber-morpher.
Peter: Champion, on route.
Peter morphed into Cyber Titan.
Peter: Let's rocket.
After hours of flying did Cyber Titan reach Force Station Steelhead and the have gotten things under more control than last time he was there however instead o
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Champions chapter 4
Chapter 4: The shadow of Burnside.
Summer vacation was over and school was starting again. It is Peter's last year at high school before he decides to go and study at a university. Peter just finished breakfeast and was heading out to school and  he meets June on his way to school. At the school there was rumors about a new transfer student that moved to this city.
Some kind of genius did Peter hear. Not that he cared so much about it. But then the teacher came inside and wanted to introduce a new student to Peter's class. Peter was surprised when he saw who the transfer student was. It was the same girl that he saved in Canada (read chapter 3). Apperantly she was on her way to Millennium city when the storm struck and the plane crashed. She was short haired and kind of cute but looked kind of shy. The girl started to introduce herself.
Amy: My name is Amy Rivera, nice to meet you.
Teacher: Well now Amy, take vaccant seat so we can start the lesson.
Peter's seat was at the ba
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Champions chapter 3
Champions chapter 3
Canada crisis
The next day, Peter and his friend Jonas was at Peter's home to play video games and read comic books. Then Peter suddendly recieved a mail on his personal Crime Computer, (a small device every hero have to find crimes). This time it was from a man called Ravenspeaker who needs help in Canada regarding a snowstorm and demons.
Peter: I guess it's time for Cyber Titan to move out.
Jonas: Good luck out there pal.
Peter: Alright, to the garage.
Peter and Jonas went to the garage and activated OMEGA, which Peter had hidden.
Peter then put OMEGA on and activated it.
Peter: Champion, on route.
When Cyber Titan (Peter) was flying to the helicopter he saw June at the street below jogging so he decided to drop down below to say hi.
Cyber Titan: Hi June.
June: Peter, are you going out to save the world again.
Cyber Titan: Yeah, this time in Canada.
June: Okay, take care now Peter.
Then Cyber Titan started to fly away to the helicopter. After a few hours of flying
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